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Mold Remediation

Nearly all chronic sinus infections ( afflicting 37 million Americans)
are a result of molds. (Source: Mayo Clinic Study)

A 300% increase in the asthma rate over the past 20 years has been
linked to molds. (Source: USA Today Cover)
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MP&R is a leader in mold remediation, offering services in the Mid-South area. MP&R is focused on providing solutions to contamination within structures including development and implementation of mold remediation plans, oversight and care of mold remediation jobs, as well as satisfactorily providing remediation for all types of structures.

MP&R utilizes the latest technologies, techniques and equipment to ensure successful remediation for all size jobs. MP&R technicians are certified through the MICRO as Certified Mold Remediation Contractors and are continuously attending additional training classes. This enables MP&R to remain at the forefront of the remediation industry.

We proudly use Perma-White Mold and Milder-Proof Interior Paint to guarantee that mold will not return for a period of 5 years.*

Perma-White Paint Premium Mildew-Resistant Paint

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