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Don't let ugly roof stains ruin the look and property values in your community!

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Roof Stain Removal

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Why do you need your roof cleaned?

Shortened Roof Life: A 25-year roof may not even last 15 years if nothing is done. 
Here's why: As the algae and fungus grow on your roof, they eat away the base of the shingle and expand and contract with the outside temperature. This growth and movement loosens the granules, creating premature granule loss, dramatically shortening the life of your roof. The algae and fungus don't go away in the winter, they just become dormant, waiting for spring.
Increased Energy Costs: The algae, mold and fungus covered roof will absorb more heat due to its black pigmentation. keeps temperatures a lot higher by preventing the reflective capabilities of the granules from doing their job. Convection stored in upper levels of the home is unable to dissipate heat due to the insulating factors these soaring temperatures make your air conditioner work a lot harder and increase your electric bills sometimes as much as several hundred dollars a year.
Reduced Property value: A stained roof can send up red flags to many buyers. 40% of curb appeal is the roof, and in less than 3 seconds, potential buyers will determine that they don't want a home. If the roof is dirty, or covered with Algae or Black stains, the potential buyer makes snap decisions about your ability to care for the home, and assumes that the home has further problems on the interior. Or worse, a buyer will negotiate the cost of roof replacement into the price of the home.

We use environmentally friendly chemicals & low pressure techniques to safely remove stains and algae.

Refresh the look of your entire community and at the same time prevent costly, premature roof replacement.

Most quality roofs have a life cycle of 25 to 30 years or more. However, when those dark algae stains discolor a roof, often the roof is much younger than that. It doesn't make good fiscal sense to replace roofs every 7 to 15 years just because they are dirty. Nor should you and the members of your community have to just grin and bear it for years until it's time to re-roof. This annoying and unsightly problem of roof algae is easily solved with MP&R's pressure washing system. For a fraction of roof replacement costs, your MP&R representative can remove those ugly roof stains and keep them off for years to come with each preventative treatment or with the installation of algae inhibitors. Extend the life of your shingles and improve the look of your community!

Whether you are a managing co-op or a fee simple community, our special pricing makes the MP&R solution both affordable and attractive to board members, property managers, and homeowners.

We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

Roof Cleaning FAQ

Q: What products do you use to remove roof stains?
A: The products we use are proprietary and only available to authorized, trained, and certified dealers. They are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Q: Will the process harm my plantings around my home?
A: No. Our products will not harm any vegetation or surfaces around your home.

Q: Do you use high pressure power washing on the roof?
A: NEVER! High pressure power washing can be very damaging to the shingles. Plus, itís simply not an effective way to remove algae stains from roofs. All of our roof cleaning equipment is specially calibrated at a very low pressure to ensure a safe washing away of all the algae and stains that are released by MP&R's products.

Q: How long will the algae related stains stay off my roof once removed?
A: When MP&R's technicians finish cleaning your roof, it will be as clean as a new roof. Since itís impossible to tell how long it will take for a new roof to get algae stains, the same holds true for a roof cleaned using MP&R's system. However, MP&R will give their customers a written warranty against any roof staining for a period of one year. Most roofing shingle manufacturers wonít give you any warranty against algae on a new roof installation.

Q: Is there anything I can do to keep the stains off my roof for the life of the shingles?
A: Yes. MP&R offers an annual roof maintenance program for their customers. Once your roof has been cleaned by by one of our dealers, at your request, they will return once a year for a fraction of the cost of the initial cleaning to apply a special spray on, leave on Roof Armor stain prevention treatment to those previously cleaned areas. Every consecutive year that you participate in the program extends your warranty for an additional year. In other words, the guarantee to keep the stains off your roof with each preventative treatment extends for the natural life of the shingles as long as you continue to receive the annual, preventative treatments.

Q: What about the do-it-yourself products?
A: These products can cause many problems. Many of them are toxic to the vegetation surrounding your home. Plus, they are largely ineffective in the long term, as well as the short term as far as roof stain removal goes. Also, whenever homeowners climb up on their roof, they put themselves at risk of slipping and falling. Roof cleaning is serious business and itís always best to rely on the professionals.

Q: Do zinc strips work?
A: If algae is already growing on the roof, zinc strips will do nothing to remove it.

Q: Canít I just put bleach on my shingles?
A: Be very, very careful here. Many homeowners and contractors alike have tried to use bleach or pool chlorine to remove the dark roof staining caused by algae. The results can be disastrous. First of all bleach and pool chlorine are dangerous chemicals that can damage vegetation and dry out your shingles. Often, any results that the homeowner sees are just temporary and the staining is back within a few short months because the bleach merely addresses the surface algae and not the root system underneath the granules. In addition, bleach around your home could void your termite treatment as chlorine neutralizes many of these chemicals.

Q: What if I just leave the algae stains on the roof?
A: Algae is a living, growing organism and as such, will continue to grow. Left untreated, in time it can cover your entire roof. A roof covered in algae absorbs heat and results in a superheated attic, raising your cooling costs. In addition, since algae feeds off the organic material in your shingles, left untreated, your roof will require costly, premature replacement. Why allow that to happened when you can have your roof professionally cleaned and restored to its original, natural color for a fraction of roof replacement costs?

Q: Why should I choose MP&R over another local contractor?
The MP&R roof cleaning process is proven, safe, and effective. Many local contractors use damaging chlorine bleach and high pressure to clean roofs, often causing more harm than good. Many of these companies start one day and are gone the next. Do your homework before hiring anyone to do work around your home. When it comes to roof cleaning, it's wise to choose a company that is using a proven method - choose MP&R. MP&R is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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